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Fabienne Kozel Hans Zwiggelaar


Background of the initiators in Malawi

  • The initiative for the activities in Malawi was taken by Hans Zwiggelaar and Fabienne Kozel. Their ideal: to improve the living conditions and prospects of their fellow villagers; young and old.
  • They were born in 1956 in Nieuwkoop and 1961 in Reeuwijk respectively
  • Both have made a career in the fashion industry in the Netherlands and in England.
  • Hans' last position was Manager at Austin Reed and Fabienne was Director at Burberry, both in London
  • After 16 years of career in London, they moved to South Africa. From there they traveled about 70,000 km through Africa, by car and roof tent and immediately fell in love with Malawi, its nature and the people.
  • In 2008 they built Lodge "Mbamba Beach" on the beautiful Lake of Malawi, built entirely with their own resources and help from the local population. As a result, forty men earned a salary, with which more than 40 families could support themselves. The Lodge is registered as a tourist destination with the government.
  • They are permanent residents with a residence permit in Malawi, the warm heart of Africa. Their company is registered with the Malawian tax authorities.



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