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Fabienne Kozel and Hans Zwiggelaar carried out a large number of projects in order to realize their dream of “ improving the living conditions and prospects of their fellow villagers: young and old ”.

From 2008 they have focused on humanitarian projects :

  • Supporting the students of the Chifira secondary school with school fees, teaching materials, means of communication, transport and drinking water supply;
  • Improving a carpenter's workshop where furniture, doors, windows, beds, etc. are made for schools and institutions and where young people can learn the trade of carpenter and furniture maker under supervision;
  • Promoting the mobility of the inhabitants by collecting and distributing mobile phones and tablets and providing car transport;
  • The humanitarian aid by providing food packages to the needy and transport to emergency medical services.
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It has led to better opportunities for many young people and new businesses.

In addition, they realized various investment projects :

  • The construction of a lodge for the tourist resort in 2008
  • Construction of a workshop in 2008
  • water pump in 2021
  • The CBO office in 2022
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 In 2022, the Community Based Organization Mbamba Community Support (CBO) was established as the official organization for the activities in Kande. He realized the following projects for which the Foundation was able to attract financial resources:

  • The humanitarian projects in 2022 and 2023 thanks to the Haëlla Foundation, a family foundation that wishes to remain anonymous and some private individuals
  • An internet building in 2022 for youth education and community use sponsored by Wilde Ganzen and the BO foundation.
  • minibus in 2022 for the necessary transport and driver training, which was sponsored by the BO foundation and a second anonymous family foundation.
  • The installation of solar panels for the internet building in 2023 with funds from Wilde Ganzen, the Hofstee Stichting and an anonymous family foundation has been completed.

There are also plans for:

  • Setting up a youth center , a daycare for wandering toddlers and shelter and guidance for abused children.
  • Purchasing materials for mathematics lessons for which the World Mathematics Fund has provided a subsidy.
  • The purchase of solar-powered lamps for the studying children.
  • The purchase of computer books for the training in the internet building.
  • Raising money for humanitarian projects.

The more money is available, the more can be done for the population. An important criterion will be the support of the population.